The Farm

The 6+acres in Lutz was owned by the same family since the 40's, so we could determine how the property had been used for over 70 years. We have a lovely farm house that we have renovated keeping much of the original charm and construction on the 2 acre community farm being developed. It has wonderful trees that will not interfere with gardening activities and provide a great "canopy" for our education area. The parent track includes frontage on beautiful Lake Hobbs, one of the cleanest and most popular lakes in the Lutz area.

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The Plan

Unlike traditional co-op and CSA offerings, our emphasis is on raised-bed gardening, whereby people will be educated and given the opportunity to grow their own food in their own raised-bed at the farm or at their home. We also have several exhibits for growing with hydroponics, hugelculture, microgreens, etc. We are planting a wide variety of fruit trees around the farm for use by all members. We have developed our educational area, greenhouse, composting, hydroponics and large community raised-bed and herb gardens and chicken coop. In 2017 we would like to begin renovating our 2 bedroom bungalow for interns, start our wind/solar exhibit, rainwater collection, goat farm, blueberry project, and experiment gardens.