Farm Sponsors

Abby's Health and Nutrition.......14374 N. Dale Mabry Hwy


Abby Sayler and Victor Karydis have made a huge commitment to their community by laying all the groundwork, donating the farm property and providing all of the start-up capital to make Abby's Farm a reality.  The farm is simply a continuation of their corporate vision for "Better Health through Education", related to educating individuals and families about the value of growing their own organic food and living a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Urban Roots, Tampa.......11730 N. Dale Mabry Hwy


Owners of Urban Roots Garden Supply Zach and Bianca Grace with 10+ years experience and knowledge in all growing applications, they can help you put together and achieve any of your gardening needs. Specializing in organic alternatives to “traditional” gardening, offering eco friendly gardening products such as organic; pest/disease control, premium soils, compost, fertilizers, heirloom seeds, starter plants and much more. At Urban Roots they feature cutting edge hydroponic growing techniques. The hydroponic industry is constantly evolving and with that they provide the latest techniques and growing advancements. Urban Roots was created with the idea to help every gardener and to create a unique shopping experience with a warm and welcoming vibe. From beginner to commercial, they aim to educate and supply answers on every level. They are dedicated to helping people grow food, eat healthier, and leave the world a better place.

Shell's Feed and Garden Supply..............9513 N. Nebraska Ave.


Shell's has been a part of the Tampa story since 1961 as a family owned and operated feed and garden supply store with an incredible inventory and variety for all of your gardening needs.  The faces are always familiar, with a helpful, knowledgeable staff that has been there a long time.  If you are growing your own food or raising your own chickens, you will not be dissappointed with the selection at Shell's. 

The Collura Group .........of "People's Choice Realty Services"


The Collura Group of People's Choice Realty Services is a family operated real estate team that has native roots to Tampa Bay.  Their practice began in 2003 and has steadily grown year after year in serving the community and helping their clients accomplish lifelong goals through real estate.  Dean, Debbie and Larry Collura have over 75 years of combined business experience including real estate, title, mortgage, appraisal, negotiation, operations, technology and management.  They are passionate providing an amazing customer service experience and driving results that exceed client expectations.


MegaFood: Revved up Over REAL

The 4 REALS: Real Food. Real Slow. Real People. Real Relationships. That’s MegaFood in a nutshell.

Being Real is one of MegaFood’s obsessions. The other? Improving lives, and inspiring others to do the same. And while this can happen in so many, many ways, it all starts with delivering nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the body in the way nature has always intended; through food.

MegaFood is proud to be different. Their process, called the Slo-Food process, starts by partnering with organic, sustainable, passionate farmers. Uncle Matt’s Organic oranges... organic cranberries from James Lake Farm in Wisconsin… Stahlbush Island Farms sustainable beets (say that 5 times fast!) … and the Turmeric? It’s gorgeous, and is grown in Hawaii by Kauai Organics.

Then, they grind all that goodness up and integrate even more vitamins for potency. Then, it gets dried and tumbled into powder before being pressed into nutrient-dense, swallowable tablets. All of this happens right in NH; hence the MegaFood tag line: Fresh from Farm to Tablet.

Tested no less than three times during the manufacturing process, MegaFood ensures that all food and ingredients meet strict purity standards in every batch for all of their product certifications. MegaFood also has a commitment to using Non-GMO ingredients, furthering their commitment to Real. And, because building trust with consumers is a major factor of the MegaFood way, you can get more than just a glimpse into MegaFoods operations in this section of their website, dedicated to their efforts in BIG T Transparency. Oh, and don’t forget to peek at what they’re up to via their 24/7 Live Cams!

Vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, probiotics and condition-specific formulas are all included in the MegaFood line-up.  Additionally, their one-of-a-kind Daily Nutrient Booster Powders include farm fresh ingredients as well as select nutrients, herbs and botanicals. Mix these “Boosters” directly into your favorite smoothie, shake or juice.

You can visit MegaFood at, and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, be sure to look for them on the shelves at Abby’s Nutrition, too!

Morrow Insurance Agency


Lynne Olney,  at Morrow Insurance, has handled the insurance needs of Abby's store and our farm for many years.  She is seen virturally every day having lunch in Cafe Eden and has always been a big fan of Abby's.  When asked if she would help sponsor our education program when we first started, she was glad to help.

We appreciate local businesses that appreciate and understand what our farm is doing in the community and support our vision.