What to grow and when 7/23/2016

In Florida, the fact is you can grow just about anything 9-10 months of the year. (Sept-May). However....you cannot do that successfully, with the highest production, for all varieties, with the same nutritional value for 10 months out of the year.

Some plants love and thrive in heat.......others in cool and sometimes cold temps.  The berry plants/fruit trees give us stark examples.  Berry plants demand a very certain number of "frost hours" over the winter to actually produce abundant "sweet" fruit.  Without it plants are less healthy and productive, fruit can be tart instead of sweet and have less nutritional value.
In contrast most fruit trees will tolerate a very specific number of continuous "frost hours" before most if not all fruit is lost.

Most vegetables have these same types of tolerances, relating to temperatures, so it's important to pay attention when planting.......as in planting according to their optimum growing environment.

Tender and Hardy.......discuss handout relating to varioustolerances.  Then discuss the significance of "Days to Harvest" relating to the seasons...in terms of plant development and bloom production and harvest.

It's also important to mention that you choose things that actually taste better if grown in their preferred environment like lettuce or broccoli.....they can be grown spring or winter, but actually do significantly better and have more flavor in fall.  Many varieties are that way, specific to the season.