The Oxen is Slow......but the earth is patient 6/16/15

"The oxen is slow....but the earth is patient", is a quote from a movie I saw 30 years ago and I have always remembered it fondly.  The metaphor is profound and can be applied to much of life's story, but it is particularly relevant to gardening and farming.  Our own journey dreaming, envisioning and developing our plans for Abby's Organic Community Farm has been a slow, arduous process.  Great things, meaningful things, should actually always be that way, because the end product reflects the time and thought that were put into it.
With that in mind, we hope everyone can adopt a sense of that as you get involved in our farm. Our culture and societal values are so skewed about "instant gratification" and gardening is the antithesis of that mind set. you think about "plugging in" at our farm, it's our hope that you "unplug" from your busy lives and enjoy the experience and miracle of watching the Creator's handiwork as the earth produces it's its own time.