Food is the new Medicine

In a recent article in the "Eat Clean and Live Healthy" magazine they did an interesting comparison that was titled America's Best (and worst), Freshest Supermarkets.  It was a good read and a must resource for people that are concerned about their food shopping options.  A quote that stuck out to me was "For many Americans, food is the new medicine:  We believe we can eat our way to good health.  As a result, consumers have become increasingly savvy label readers, wary of preservatives, chemicals, and unpronounceable ingredients.."  They also did a comparison of pricing between organic and conventional (fruits & vegetables) and provide some industry standards for some of the  terms we see routinely: Natural, Local, Organic, Fresh,, etc.   In the same issue there is a separate article entitled "Eat the Peach, Not the Pesticide", which is a shoppers guide for looking at the prevailing health risk related to the fruits and vegetables that we routinely buy.   Go to for the interactive version and risk guide.

Clearly all of this points to why we are doing, what we are doing at Abby's Organic Community Farm.  When you grow your own fruit and vegetables, you know exactly what is in......and on your food.  We think eliminating or minimizing the growing health risk associated with many of the modern farming techniques, will pay huge dividends for you and your family in terms of overall health.  In addition, the literall "farm to table"  scenario at the farm, is providing your family the best and freshest alternative.